Keyword Research


Cutting-Edge Keyword Research

London SEO Expert offers stand-alone keyword research services to find you relevant, high traffic keywords.  Our skilled researchers will use unrivalled techniques and sophisticated software to ensure you focus on profitable, popular search phrases that will increase your ROI.

Keyword research

is the most vital aspect of an internet marketing campaign.  In SEO, you have to develop your website content based on key terms.  In PPC, you’re basically paying for clicks on search queries.  If you ignore the importance of keyword research, your website will never achieve its full earning potential.  We can:

  • Find Relevant and High Traffic Key-terms
  • Assess Market Competition
  • Assess Commerciality
  • Compare Match Type Data
  • Analyse the Strength of Competition
  • Evaluate the Competitive Advantages
  • Unmask Your Google Competition

Why not give your website the best chance of attracting qualified visitors by getting keyword research right the first time?  You can use our services to ensure you’re not heading in the wrong direction, get a quick quote here.

How your Customers Behave Online

Knowing how your potential customer will actually search for your product supersedes all other search engine marketing factors. You may think it’s pretty obvious and you’ll probably be able to guess some good key terms.  However, there’ll be masses of others that you haven’t even considered. Keyword research is essential as there are so many search variations:

•             The addition of extra descriptive words
•             The use of a synonym for your product
•             A whole sentence or just a 2 word phrase
•             Regional spellings or terminology
•             A searcher may not even know what your product is called

If you just blindly guess, you could make the grave mistake of targeting search terms that no-one actually uses and you’re missing out on opportunities to increase the number of visitors to your site.  It is therefore essential to employ experienced, industry experts to assist you in finding the right (profitable) search terms.

Our keyword research services will identify the key terms which have the highest search frequency. Our skilled team will find the search phrases that are searched most often are those that will drive the most traffic to your website.  Contact us on 0333 123 0 122 or email to find out more.


It is essential that the key phrases targeted work and are strongly related to the website of the company or organisation as well as its products and services.  When carrying out keyword research services we will work with you to ensure that the correct keywords are targeted.

Once again, this may sound obvious but in our years of experience at London SEO Expert we have seen it all, for instance a lighting designer targeting the word ‘lights.’  This was completely pointless as ‘lights’ could have meant numerous things – whereas ‘bespoke lighting’ is pretty self-explanatory, relevant and a site visitor would be more likely to convert.


The number one reason why people fail online is that they never take the time to assess the level and strength of the competition associated with the search terms they are targeting.
As you know, one of the best ways to obtain a steady stream of traffic to your website is to obtain a first page ranking in Google for particular key phrases.  With over a trillion websites indexed, you are up against a lot of competition to be the most relevant site for a particular search-term.

The level of competitiveness effects how easily a top position on search engine results pages can be achieved.  Sometimes it is better to target less competitive phrases to produce a good return on investment.
Another primary aim in keyword research is to analyse the level of competitiveness for your target key phrases.  We can use our expertise and advanced techniques to find keywords with the best potential for you.

In a Nutshell….

Keyword research will ensure you get the best possible ROI.  The keywords that you target are the most important factor that determines your success.  A number 1 listing on Google can be totally pointless if it is for the wrong key-terms.  If you target unsuitable keywords, you’ll waste a lot of time and money.

A Long Term Strategy

Many online marketers make the error of only doing keyword research at the start of a project.  That’s a mistake because people’s search behaviour changes over time.  New products and new fashions emerge and with them, different search phrases.  These are opportunities you can capitalise on.

Our long-term keyword research services will continuously uncover high quality, focused, fresh keyword opportunities in order to acquire a competitive advantage.  Make market and keyword research the supporting part of your general search marketing initiatives.

For more information on keyword research contact us on 0333 123 0 122 or send us an email.Keyword Research from London SEO Expert