Domain Research


Domain Research

Domain Research Your domain research sets the foundations of your new website.   If you’re looking to purchase a domain for a new business, business blog, micro-site domain research is essential.  At London SEO Expert we know that it isn’t as simple as just checking whether the name you want is available.  We take a variety of factors into account including:

Keyword Popularity – do people search for the keywords contained within your URL?
Memorability-is the name likely to be remembered?
Pronounce-ability-can people say or refer to your domain name easily?
No. of Characters and length-is it too long?
Extension-what extensions are available?

We can recommend domains with great potential, based on the above and many other variables.  This gives you the best possible chance of online success from day one.  Contact us to find out more about our domain research services.

What’s in a Name?

A name by any other will not smell as sweet because search engines use domain relevance as a ranking factor.  If you want to rank highly for a particular keyword, one of the best ways to do so is to acquire an exact domain match.  We have tools and expertise to perform niche domain research related to your product or service.

If you’ve already chosen your new company name, we can find out whether that choice is likely to gain search engine traffic and suggest alternatives using different keyword variations.

Around 23,000 .com domains are purchased ever over 23 thousand are purchased every day; this can sometimes make it extremely difficult to find a good, keyword relevant one.  Let us use our domain research creativity to find it for you, call us on 0333 123 0 122.

Domain Research Don’ts

Our domain research services ensure you don’t get any issues further down the line.  For instance, before you go ahead, you ought to make sure you’re not breaking any laws.  Copyright law can instantly kill your site so you need to make sure the name you’ve chosen doesn’t infringe anyone else’s copyright.

If you’re serious about building your online business long term, then it’s advisable to acquire, other extensions and variations such as miss-spellings, plurals.  If you don’t you could seriously regret it later on.

Established Domains

If you’re looking to purchase an established domain, you’ll need professional advice.  The acquisition of an existing domain can be tricky and fraught with pitfalls.  Our domain research service can help find the best established domains that are pre-indexed, pre-developed and pre-optimised by search engines to give you high traffic and plenty of profit in no time.

Buying an established domain is a smart choice – aged domains are considered more of an authority by the search engines.  This makes the initial cost higher but you can reap the benefits later.  Let our domain research experts find you the most valuable domains for the least possible price.  We will assist you to find domains with the highest search engine traffic, number of backlinks, PageRank and Alexa rank.  We’ll also checkout the history, whois details, archive statistics and much more.

We can also help sellers find out the value of their domains and help with the sales process.

Domain Management

We offer a complete domain management service for all your security, speed, hosting and transfer needs.  If you’re struggling with domain research, the management of multiple domains or your hosting providers are constantly letting you down, we can help.  Many businesses encounter problems such as:

Server Size – you can’t grow unless your server can cope with demanding levels of traffic and downloads.
Security-online security threats are a serious problem, you need to protect yourself and your visitors to promote trust and confidence
Hosting Packages-the world of web hosting is a complex and competitive one.  You need to ensure you get the best value service that will meet all of your needs.

Whatever the size of your organisation, wherever your location and irrespective of your industry, if you are serious about expanding or protecting your online presence get in touch today on 0333 123 0 122 or e-mail us with your domain research or management requirements.