About Us


An SEO Company that Means Business

At London SEO Expert, we’re committed to delivering Sound SEO Solutions that are guaranteed to propel your business to the next level.  Our SEO Company in London is devoted to increasing the visibility, traffic and conversions of your online business.  We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your campaign reaches its full potential.  Whether you need highly targeted traffic to your website, to improve online conversions or to enhance your sites usability, this London SEO Company can make it happen.

Our Ethos

As an SEO Company, our aim is to offer pioneering, leading-edge internet marketing strategies and techniques.  Like scientists, we are analytical, practical and focus on results.  We provide Sound Solutions through a combination of innovation and flair, together with a practical and realistic approach.  The following 7 principles have become our ethos, encompassing our characteristics, ethics and approach to SEO Services London:

  • Practical We are not just concerned with complex theory but real-life solutions that can be applied and make a difference in an actual business setting.  Striving to make sure our internet marketing strategies and techniques make real-world sense, is our specialty.
  • Tangible – We will provide real results and take away any risk to our clients by offering a page 1 guarantee.  Failure is not an option for this London SEO Company.
  • Cutting-Edge - We are in touch with the newest trends in viral marketing, search algorithm theories, research and analytics.  Offering ideas and suggestions based on up-to-minute research and information, so our clients are always a step ahead.
  • Unique –We’ll always consider each business on an individual basis, providing solutions that are tailor-made to their requirements.  Our commitment to the fact that every business is different, with different marketing goals, means no set packages.
  • Realistic – These days no business wants to be tied into monthly contracts by their SEO Company.  Neither do they wish to pay upfront or shell-out unrealistic prices.  We offer a realistic plan of action and value for money.
  • Transparent – Internet marketing can be measured to clearly see ROI over a period of time.  Our clients need to see and understand exactly where their money’s going, so we provide unrivalled, in depth, regular reporting as part of our SEO Services London.

Our SEO Company Track Record

As an SEO company in London, we know that we’re only as good as our last project and have an impressive history of page 1 results. Our performance and credentials are confirmed in our testimonials and the fact that 95% of our first time clients stay with us, continuing to use our SEO Services London.  We also delighted to report that 80% of our new business comes from referrals, demonstrating our commitment to our clients.  That’s why, unlike our competition, we can afford to guarantee our results.

Our Promise to You

Our promise is simple – to provide all our clients with profitable, successful websites they love.   We aim to offer you the best possible opportunity to take advantage of the internet and reach your potential.  Through a relentless pursuit of online excellence, our SEO Company in London aims to provide clients with first class websites.  We promise marketing strategies that not only meet your goals but that are at the forefront of technological development.

We are constantly reviewing and revising how we operate, ensuring you always get the very best from our SEO Company in London.  We know what good customer service means to you and strive to build a great relationship with every client.   We’ll be available to you at every stage of your project, providing consistent and reliable support, after you go live.  You can even benefit from the stacks of information we make available on our website, including internet marketing tools, tips and advice.

Our Future

The internet is in a state of perpetual evolution; our goal is to constantly push the boundaries of design and development, to continue to be market leaders with our SEO Company in London.

Our SEO Company London intends to grow both in size and stature, through the delivery of first class projects.  Ensuring that both our clients and team can continue to profit from our determination to be the best we can be.

Our passion for website design, e-commerce innovation, SEO, web usability and conversion optimisation is the driving force behind our success as an SEO Company London and will fuel future successes.

Our Director Says

“We exist to provide all clients, through a solid personal relationship, with beautiful, usability focused, profitable, SEO ready websites, by ensuring that we are always at the forefront of design and development innovations.  Using our SEO Company in London will mean you’re positioned to perform.” “If you are interested in increasing your return on investment for your small, large or corporate level business, contact us today get started.  We welcome all customers, from the smaller independents on a limited budget, to the larger companies.  We are passionate about all our clients; delivering 100% commitment and results you can see.”– Thomas Minarik

If you are interested in increasing your return on investment for your small large or corporate level business contact us today to speak with us and get started. We welcome all customers from the smaller independents on a limited budget to the larger companies. We are passionate about all our clients delivering 100% commitment. For a free no obligation consultation contact our SEO Company today.    SEO Company, SEO Company in London | SEO Companies